Way of Life

Is the world getting intolerant​?

How we can change the world to a better liveable place, how we can enliven the lives of all the people.Lets accept the reality, and work hard to achieve the goal.

Is this topic out of some profound contemplation? No

It is the sole result of the analysis of the life we are all living, although in different parts of the world , in different environments, in different cultures etcetera.But at the end of the day, we are living the same life.Not convincing? Go through the below small points ,we will end up on a common result, intolerance.

  • Do people around you accept? Do they accept uniqueness, or the ideas , the ways, the behaviours​, the beliefs, the dressing sense, the food choices etc. , all that are disparate, that contradict their’s easily? No
  • Is road rage a common site seen around you? Is it ubiquitous? Yes
  • Are good deeds treated well with reverence or get criticized? Yes , the ratio differs to a large alarming extent, criticism is quite​ common.
  • What can you comment about the nations, the relations between them?Yes , we see the weapons race going on all over the world, how nations are trying to defend the illegitimate dominance wrested from other nations, or preparing to attack to wrest if any, getting insecure from nothing.

I believe, all of us must be agreeing on all of the above now.

I am not despairing here, otherwise i would not have written this.

yes there are good souls out there, yes the good deeds prevail midst the evil ones,But that is of no use, until and unless, good souls try to spread positivity deliberately, in their own way , around them.Let us spread love, let us spread peace, let us spread awareness.

We all need to accept others , the way they are, each one of us is a different creation , in our own ways.We need to learn, how to forgive, how to be polite, how to spread smile.

Live and let live, is the only, sufficient solution.Just one rule, and it can change the world.

If each one of us can change even a single person out there, the world will change quite drastically,

I am being an optimist here, trying to make you accept the reality, so that each one of us can contribute to the change.We all need to conduce to a better world, at our own levels.

The world was beautiful once, aesthetically as well as spiritually.Let us gift the coming generations a better world , that they deserve.


One comment

  1. Nice articulation ..!! “Live and let live” is our age old message of ” वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम्” for the world piece . But if we pragmatically look at the flow of world History, it has always been intolerant. The journey of administrative structure from kingdoms to colonies to modern day democracy has been significant and in a way has contributed to make the world a better place. The foundation of Social structure since ages had been caste,religion, gender,colour ,race and many more. With time there has been a collective efforts to spread equality in society. But again the need of the hour is to understand that service to Humanity without any bias is the key to peaceful world.


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