Way of Life

“Happiness is indeed a choice”

I once read somewhere “Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response”

I laughed at the quote.I immediately judged the person who had written this quote, “people write anything, just to make it sound good”

As the time passed, my attitude towards life changed gradually. I started taking things lightly, conducing to what I am today. I now feel as the king of my own kingdom of moods. When i mused, I felt that I am living by this quote now.I feel powerful and ebullient most of the time (yes, a trace is yet left to be erased).

Everyone can certainly achieve the same in his own ways.

Whenever, you feel trapped inside some problem, and are ready to cede your inner peace, your happiness and everything that enlivens your soul, always ask yourself a single question:”Is this the end?” or “what is the worst that can happen? Isn’t there anything beyond it?”. Honestly try to find the best answer.
The answer you find will amaze you.You will start feeling a little optimistic, the more you ask yourself, the optimism gradually will increase.The whole process will instill a little courage into you.You will understand the profundity of this process, once you start practicing. Don’t worry, you will be an expert in this in no time.

Another thing that you should change is the choice of music.Sever yourself completely from the music that just ruins your mood.Always keep a playlist that rejuvenates you. The small change can drastically make a difference in your life.

Overconfidence is the another factor , that exacerbates every situation. Whatever you seek to do, always make up your mind a little for the failure. Be optimistic , have confidence and faith in yourself, but never be overconfident. A true winner always accepts the reality. That way, you always win.

The next way is dubitable. Learn to live in solitude whenever required. I am not asking you to be an introvert, but you should also learn to spend some me time. Infact, it is the key factor that helps you implement all the ways mentioned above.As I said, this is dubitable, some prefer to deviate their minds by getting engaged into something. Yes, it’s a good way too, but you always remain dependent by that way.

Atheist? Then switch to next paragraph.I can’t prove that God exists, but if you believe so, you have an upper hand over atheists. True or false, it gives you hope, which in turn provides you with valor to fight problems.If you believe in God, always trust him blindly but never stop trying.He helps those who help themselves.

The sun always rises, a night can be longer than the usual, clouds can cover the sun, but remember, there is always enough light to see.Keep your eyes open, fight till the sun rays lighten up the nebulous ways.

Valor is never innate, it comes at the cost of determination and attitude. Everyone has some fears, some fight them and some give up. The choice is yours, as someone quoted.Scrutinize your attitude toward life, change yourself and remain happy always.



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