His Day

The day has begun beautifully for him.

He had a sound sleep, the birds are chirping.He looks through the window, the weather is so cloudy yet calm that everyone on the street is grinning and today is the weekend too.

With a cup of coffee, his brain is now active and suddenly something seems to be impeding his happy mood.What is it?

He contemplates, goes through the analysis and finally finds the truth.Its the future and the past, that are clogging his brain.What if the things do not go the intended way in future, for which he is working hard today.For which he always waits for the holidays, so that he can work harder than ever, to brighten up his future.He has gone astray in his mind.

He has ruined the today, thinking about everything that never happened, and that may not happen ever.And with this, he is actually on the path to make a way for the worse things , by downgrading his own efficiency

His mind gives him an idea.He needs to coax himself.Yes, he has to.He musters.And with the dogged efforts, he is now able to gather what he just lost a moment ago.He is now happy again because he has time travelled to the today again.To mend the damage he has seen in the future, he is working hard now, but living in the today only.