Forgotten Time

A friend recites this poem for a friend, with whom he had spent beautiful time, helped him,guided him through his struggles..but things change.The friend forgets that somebody was there who had pushed him once, to the success

You drowned in the sea full of dreams,

To rush to the other coast, with success it seems,

Your friends rescued you, put you on the boat,

With enough valor to survive, that’s all they got,

With tearful eyes, they said goodbye,

So that you reach the aim, catch the sky,

You reached the place, and terrified with amaze,

Seeing the people there,with greedy gaze,

They tried to drown you, again in the sea,

But you saw your friends, with motivating spree,

You fought bravely, with friends watching your back,

You crossed the barriers, with an astonishing rack,

The world was so mesmerizing, that you never looked back,

You tried a little bit, but it was a hack,

The dreams came true, you achieved the grueling,

The people with fake essence, looked appealing,

It was deliberate, it was a choice,

Each step you took, there seemed a rejoice,

You achieved what you wanted, but lost what was true,

Friends are not the things, you can hold with a screw,

You won, but you lost,

It seemed that dreams come true with a cost,

But it was a choice,

So you lost the ones, who cared for you the most.



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