Way of Life

Getting into Someone’s Shoes

Opinions! One thing, infinite opinions.

That abides by the basic definition of opinions, right? One makes his own opinion. Then why do people get indulged into altercations , wherever their opinions don’t match.

The worst part is , people don’t argue to conclude or to understand other people’s opinions, they argue because of their partisan views.Logic, empathy , comprehensive attitude..these people lack in everything.They just cling to whatever they want, whatever they believe is right and whatever they want you to follow.

One should empathise the other before criticism.One should walk into Someone else’s shoes before judging his journey.

I will not get into lengthy​ part, just want to pervade an idea of entrenching a belief in everyone’s mind that opinions will always differ.Be it minute, be it huge, the disparities will always be there. One should either try to understand others, or should leave the topic.Altercations, maligning someone’s beliefs , their feelings, will conduce to no fruitful result.


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