Friendship Way of Life

Genuine or Fake? 

Greed for something is an Inspiration, pushing everyone to continue with his dogged efforts to achieve that thing. But when that greed crosses a mark, one can go astray. From that point,the probability of committing a crime increases.

Crimes that arise due to the greed for money, the greed for lust etcetera are often defined, with the respective comeuppances.But what about the hidden and obscure crimes that one commits out of the greed for people? Are those less horrendous and less baneful?

Just because these kind of crimes cannot be manifested easily, doesn’t mean that they should not be defined. Such crimes are committed with a single, yet the most destructible weapon : Fakery.

One must have an acquaintance with these kind of people in one’s life .They believe that it’s an innocent, unharmful thing to do, that is to fake unconditional love, care. They do that ,to increase the number of people in their circle, in their lives, because either it’s a social status for them or they are too innocent to believe that they will never get alone in their life this way.

But is it worth to get disguised? The answer is no. One should know that the people in one’s life, are going to stay, whatsoever happens.But if one disguises oneself , to show beyond what one intends to, even the true care seems rhetoric. Glib, solicitous and notorious deceptions can be easily identified, but one choses to play along, because that is what is called an unconditional relation.But there comes a point, a moment in life, when one gets tired and relations get soured eventually.

Rise above Fakery, show the true self. Even if you gain a single person out of your true care, he is going to stay, guard you like an army, protect you from anything and care like no one has ever did.



  1. Good articulation….but it would not be appropriate to classify fakery as just another form of crime. It is a behavioral pattern which is not always intended for personal benefits. At times the whole purpose of faking empathy is to make the one on the receiving end comfortable and Happy. Although being quick to spot such behaviour would be instrumental to build/alter level of trust in a relationship/friendship and will save the person from deceiving appearances. However the context, intend and extent of fake empathy/emotions/feelings should be examined to evaluate any one’s character/personality to make any final conclusion or perception.


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