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‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ , A must read

Reading was a thing for me, but there are some reads that just stimulate the reading love in you.Honestly speaking , I personally, have rarely found these exquisite reads which have ingnited that spark within me.

One such rare masterpiece that i have recently read is ‘Man’s search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl ,an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist  and a Holocaust survivor (1905-1997) who brings in the aghast and appalling experiences of the concentration camps, into the reader’s soul. Soul , because , one in no way, can refrain himself from getting  shocked too deep to the level of soul.

The book consists of two parts.In the first part he describes his experiences, sums up to the extent he could, the horrific environment of the concentration camps where he was an inmate for nearly 3 years.The reader can dig in very easily, to get out the positives, the optimism, the valor , the perseverance to live, the attitude to find meaning in everything, accepting that and fighting the odds to survive to fulfill the meaning , what one desires to , in his life.

In the second part, the author explains about the legotherapy in a nutshell which in itself is s beautiful part.How legotherapy is different from psychoanalysis and how legotherapy intends to help a person find the meaning out of his life, his sufferings , and to enliven those lives going onwards.
 I will not go into more detail, and instead, would advice each and everyone to just try to go through the book once.I can guarantee, that each one of you will find something fruitful , something that will change your perception a little bit of life.



  1. I have learnt about Victor Frankl in our class 12th psychology but I never knew he was a Holocaust survival… Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll try my best get hold of this book 🙂

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