Giving up is no way out

We all strive for success, irrespective of our current situation, we always demand more. For that, we set goals, make plans , do a lot of sacrifices for good and make dogged efforts. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.

Failure can be endured anyhow, but what causes more torment is, the journey which seems to end up to failure , which is not true always.When the path is filled with hurdles all the way to the end, and hurdles keep getting high as we march forward, we assume getting end up to failure.And hence, we lose without even fighting.

Our attitude on the journey decides the destination, the path changes as according to our perseverance and determination.

Wars are never fought on roads, but on the rough terrains which are so big, that they cannot be crossed without fighting those endless enemies across the path.The resplendent destination always awaits the courageous one.Some get tantalized by the glare it carries and some do not.Its just the choice.

We select a rock , so high that people nearby can see easily, on which we want our name to get engraved upon. When that doesn’t happen, we give up, without considering the fact, that there are rocks out there ready to be bestowed on us and so damn high, that the whole world can see them.

We see people running, faster than us, in different directions. Irony is, we believe in them and have credence on their decisions, even when they are unknown to us .But we don’t believe in ourselves. Isn’t it ironical?

Battle is not just what is fought near to the Destination, the whole journey is a battle.We get hit, we fall, we stand up and again we continue. This is an ideal life. We can avoid a certain journey of the same kind, by turning back.But we have to realise that this one step detetmines how we are going to face our whole life.

Be deaf to the pessimists and to the downers, listen to yourself and to the bolsterers, who care about you. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Never give up untill and unless you test your destiny and the hard work you did, by yourself.

Choice is yours- repent to not to have tried or A bestial yet beautiful journey with life long learnings at each step.