Friendship Way of Life

Friendship:Through the ups and downs,still imperishable

So far, so good! The day is perfect. The life is on the track.The contentment out of the life is satisfying, with no repents.The innate doubts and cravenness that constituted an inseparable part of her soul, now has been overshadowed by a belief instilled out of the motivation, that everything is achievable. She is happy , her mind is at peace , until the doorbell changes the course.

She opens the door.A letter! Who sends a letter now a days.A letter is a piece of amazement and excitement now a days , unless it’s a Bank notice. She locks the door, hurried to the sofa , opened the letter and searched for the name of the sender and finally sees it. She wonders that why did he sent a letter.They do text each other  occasionally and he is her best friend.Then why a letter!With the emotions now fluctuating between anxiety and excitement, she starts reading.

You drowned in the sea full of dreams,to rush to the other coast, with success it seems,Your friends rescued you, put you on a boat,With enough valor to survive, that’s all they got,

With tearful eyes, they said goodbye,So that you reach the aim, catch the sky,You reached the place, and terrified with amaze,Seeing the people there,with greedy gaze,

They tried to drown you, again in the sea,But you saw your friends, with motivating spree,

You fought bravely, with friends watching your back,You crossed the barriers, with an astonishing rack,

The world was so mesmerizing, that you never looked back,You tried a little bit, but it was a hack,

The dreams came true, you achieved the grueling,The people with fake essence, looked appealing,

She now sobs a little.The Past slowly gets envisaged in her mind.She musters all the courage she could, and continues reading:

It was deliberate, it was a choice,with each step you took, there seemed a rejoice,

You achieved what you wanted, but lost what was true,Friends are not the things, you can hold with a screw,

You won, but you lost,It seemed that dreams come true with a cost,But it was a choice,So you lost the ones, who cared for you the most.

Everything is now changed.From no repents to a handful of the ones, from the contentment to the discontentment.Now she is not surprised ,why and how her life has changed this much.She is now sync with everything.Everything that was subconsciously tangled in her mind,now untangle itself. But is it too late now?

No.Somethings are unbreakable. Friendship itself comes with a prerequisite that it is for lifetime, no matter what.She hurries to the phone, takes a deep breath and calls.Within some time , everything will be same and these few minutes will have no meaning other than a life long lesson.


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