When the story is same, but significance differs

Stories are created,solely with characters and the same characters constitute more than a single story.

Some stories become murky as the time passes, left are the unique remnants which become difficult to conjoin to form the story again, as each character partners with some other characters and the journey continues.

But some stories continue to be a part of life forever.Be those sad or happy, memories are always felt good to be relived.

Does that means significance of stories vary , that determines their entrenchment in our lives? No, it’s the characters, who decide the worthiness of each story in his life.

Have you ever wondered while talking to someone that you are the only one who remembers all of that is mutually connected to you two? It blemishes in a second,one of the few things that you have cherished throughout and suddenly it becomes a transient ‘travesty’ to you with a sort of dismay surrounding you from the inside.

I feel the same sometimes, then contemplate and conduce to the fact that they might be remembering some things that you don’t remember, because those have been more significant to them.

So cherish people first who constitute the stories, the latter being a creation by the first.New stories will follow.