Friendship musings Way of Life world


You feel, you are free, wandering into the woods, gone deep into the forest.

But one fine day, you feel that you are an inmate, you want to escape, but those woods which once were a semblance of a lifeline, look like a cage.You try a lot,but everything seems immutable.

But you try, you run, you encounter different trees , you eat their fruits, you continue to run, the niche of trees and its fruits now looks disastrous and life threatening.You need to run, because the woods like you, but the woods don’t like you.Hence , it needs you.

The same goes with people. You like some people so much that you talk about them wherever you go, sing all their praises.The fog lights that you thought will guide you through the murky embarkment, have got you to a place where there are numerous chasms around you. They make you feel that if you lose them, you are going to fall.

The repent is of no use now, you had let go the true ones and hold the wrong ones.But , it was not truly your mistake.You gave them a chance, you are a good fellow. Maybe you have kept aside the prejudice, that was true, just to give them a chance.

Don’t repent.Just close your eyes, muster all the courage , feel the sun, drop the fog lights.Walk.At the first you will feel lonely maybe, but gradually, you will see yourself joined by a numerous fellows, all by their choice.They are not going to pave a path for you , they are not going to set the direction for you, they are going to follow you wherever you go, besides you, taking care of you.Just don’t block their space again by placing the wrong ones around you, else you will be lost again.


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