Either don’t partake or wage the war till the end

Let me cite an example before coming to the content, to get you a fair idea of it.

In our life, we must have seen at least one match , be it any game, where the team that wins, looks like the losing side till the end. Because, that team carries the match till the last minute, and never backs off. Maybe , most of the team would have lost the hope, but there must have been a single player, who had that winning attitude, but the attitude to end the Match losing it.

Here we get to learn two things:

1)How we can work as a team, and push each other towards success.

2)How to carry perseverance in our minds, till the end of any journey.

Going through a similar kind of phase, I found out that the struggles involved in these kind of journeys , are often enjoyable, rather than a matter of distress.But thinking about ‘the day’ or ‘the unpredictable result’, we make the journey bleaker than it actually could be.

We have been structured by the nature, to be a part of the process of continuous learning.We learn from each second of our life, it may or may not be academic.And it always comes handy, somewhere, somehow. No part of the struggle ever gets wasted. We concentrate on the one thing we don’t get,hence devaluing the things we gained.

And maybe, the day would be different.Worrying about the future, we ruin the present, hence end up creating an unpleasant past.The cycle goes on, and we make our whole life miserable and then put the blame on the things and situations, that were never inevitable.

I have lost a numerous number of things that I wanted desperately in my life.But , when I contemplate, I find many more things that have been reverenced, upon me, out of those infinite struggles.Its just the fact that, it’s easy to recall the former , because we miscalculate the worth of the latter.

What if somethings are out there, just for us, waiting for our hands to get their hold.But we turn back amidst the journey, because we cannot guarantee that those are for us.

Never be credulous to such an extent, that if someone tells you, that it is not for you, you trust them. Nobody is God.Try yourself.Verify. It is only you, who can be accredited to the prophecies related to your life. Give no one the right to decide what is good for you and what’s not.Just try.Maybe , they will be proved wrong at the end.