Destiny and hardwork, are the two synonyms to success, and both are interdependent.

Destiny , for someone can mean a mere day, and for someone who believes in luck, can tend to mean lot.Hence, one cannot deny destiny. It is ubiquitous, in some way or the other and does not depend on any other individual.

Hardwork is also independent of anything or anyone but you.

So if one is destined to get something (as i mentioned, it already includes hardwork as both are interdependent) , one will get it. Nobody and nothing can impede in it.

Hence the question remains unanswered that why people let this come in between their relations. There are some beautiful relations out there, which are above any materialistic things because they do not interfere with each other. Yet jealousy and envy make people blind and they lose something that would have been eternally beautiful for them otherwise, due to nothing .

If someone feels the same for you, alienate them and quash their existence for yourself, as though he cannot impede something, but his intentions are not good.You don’t need a herd of people, all you need is a few good souls, who are happy in your happiness even if they can’t empathize with you in your sad times.

Finally conducing to the fact that, keep doing the hardwork, without worrying about anything or anyone, by keeping out all the negative entities out of your life.But even if they forcibly remain, believe me, they cannot harm you. 🙂