Got a Sister? Treasure the Blessings

Each kind of relation has a uniqueness .Be it a father, a mother , a friend , a sister , a brother etc. Blessed are those , who are gifted with each of its kind of relationship.

I am finding it really difficult to construct the sentences as what I want to say, is far beyond that can be explained by any means. I am blessed with a sister who has played a role of a guide ever since i gained consciousness, at each and every step that I have taken ever since.A guide, who is irreplaceable, who has always enlightened even the darkest paths with ever pouring light.Even if I can explain 1% of what she is to me, I would count this attempt as a successful one.

No doubt, parents are your first teachers.But the one who can hold your hand, and help you understand those teachings , is a Sister. And yes, if the sister is elder than you, be grateful to god forever.

If I remember correctly , whatever proportion of ethics, values, duties , empathy, considerateness, morality and all the good things I have in me, be it big or small, is not innated but has been instilled by my sister gradually and it’s not just over.Even today, I get to learn so many things from her and still can’t get enough of it.

Besides all those ethical traits, whatever I am today, in my career , is all because of her.If I can recall correctly, I was so dumb to understand what to opt, whenever I had to take decisions at major checkpoints in my life.I just followed her footsteps blindly.Considering the level of dumbness that I had in me, I believe that I am quite successful in my life.

Yes, I had to use the second hand products throughout, the clothes sometimes (yes I did), the books, the stationary etc etc.Yes, I remember the fights, the slaps. Yes, she caught my wrongdoings numerous number of times for which I had been scolded and beaten thoroughly (Oh god! She knew me very well, and I bet she does know me that well now too). *Now thinking if I should publish this blog or not* πŸ˜€ ..JK… I cherish now all of it and feel lucky that I have been through all of this.She has always been so compassionate for me since ever.

Well, I can write so much that I can reach the word limit, but even then, it won’t be enough.

If I talk about present, she is always supportive of whatever decision I take.I always know that I have a support at my back to fall upon.She never says No! woah..I just realised it now.
I might be the strength to many, but she is the strength to me.She might not be the most optimistic person on this planet, but for me, she is a sea of optimism and courage.Sometimes when I hear from her “tension na lai,kuch nahi hunda” (Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen) , I gain enough strength to fight the whole world, fight my inner weaknesses, my bad times, my pessimism, my hopelessness, my despair.Those words are magical.IDK why.May be because she is the only person , who entrusts me always.

On her birthday today, I wish her all the very best for her future and for all the happiness in her life and wish she comes as a sister in my each and every life that I take birth into.I believe that this was worth writing

Happy Birthday didi!



  1. Thank you so much… πŸ’œ Rather I am blessed to have a brother like u… U have always been on my side in all goos and bad times. U have been the only one beside me when everyone left in the middle.
    Thanks for being with me always.
    Luv ya

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