Way of Life

Passion or fashion?

Creativity follows an acceleratory motion.It never starts at the full speed, but builds it’s pace slowly.The acceleration is bound to happen if we go with our passion.

The question is how to identify our passion.The human mind is so influenced now a days, that we follow fashion rather than following passion.Society lefts the tag like ‘cool’ , ‘lame’ , ‘common’, ‘aghh’ etc on each and everything it encounters.The opinions are so loud that the people around get influenced and when they hear the same from different sources, they make an opinion, rather than building on their own from the roots.

Is that OK? Its not that bad, but it is.People try to follow a passion that is in fashion rather than introspecting and coming up with what they like.Not truly their mistake, even they don’t realize that it’s not their own opinion that they are following.The deception leads then chose the wrong path , which they realize after a long time.It is not failure I am talking about, but the realisation.

But there is this other case too.Where realisation is there,but the still choose fashion over passion because they fashion produces bucks, passion doesn’t.They are not wrong with their decisions because even if they do what they want, it does not guarantee survival.One has to go with the purchasing interest of the society.

Lucky are the ones whose passion is what is in the fashion.They should try maximum because its uncertain when the inclination of the society changes the angle and direction.They need to make the full use of the opportunity.

But what about the others?So should they accept the fact that they have to follow? that they can’t lead because people don’t like it? No.Atleast give it a try, sooner or later.The sorrow of the failure is much much less than the content of trying atleast.But with the acceptance of the fact that they might fail ‘n’ number of times.


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