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Luck or Hardwork?

We often say : Do your best, leave the rest on your luck.

But some say: If you do your best, you are definitely going to get the result.

These are kind of ambiguous statemets. This initiates a philosophical debate always.Hence, a lot of questions get raised like if luck plays an important role, what is the benefit of working hard.

There can be a lot of explanatory answers to this.But I bet , they will contradict with each other.

From what I have faced in my life till now, or from what I have experienced, I have concluded an answer to this.

Think of life as a game with a lot of multidimensional walls around with just one opening and of you as a bouncing ball.The opening is concealed by the similar wall structure but weak enough to break down with a single or multiple strikes.The opening is the success, everything else is failure.But you cannot see the opening, thats what is in your luck, but you cannot see it.

You start striking randomly on each and every part of the wall.What is the probability of success? Its too small.Yet you try, you change directions, you get decieved a lot of times but you cannot find the opening.You do a lot of hardwork.You change the striking points.But you continue to strike with the same force or varying its intensity on the same point.

Now, either you stop trying, because you loose the hope and feel that even Hardwork cannot guarantee success or you keep striking, until you find the opening.And then, when u take a glimpse through it, you get amazed by your stupidity to realize that this was in your luck and this is amazing.Then we make statements: This is luck or my hardwork payed off.

But in reality, it is the combination of both.One cannot exist independent of the other.

So we have to keep trying, maybe by changing the directions, or by increasing the striking force, until we find what is best suited for us.



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