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Insecurity for people : Rust or lubricant ?

Someone quoted:

Relations include: Fights, jealousy, Arguments, Faith, Tears, Disagreements, but a true relation fights through all

Those days are gone, when most of the people used to grew old, at their birthplace only. Movement was a rare phenomenon. Today, it is the exact opposite. Culture of living has evolved so fast that settling down at one place can be gauged as a consequence of either an unsuccessful career or of an ultra richness.

Relatives, blood relations, friends and other acquaintances seem to be fleeting from under the feet at each and every phase of life. If they are actually short lived or if it is just a fear is another question, but the main question is: How we take all of this?

Here is the part where comes the term insecurity. Insecurity can be viewed as:

The characteristic of an emotional individual with a healthy and constructive relationship sense.Hence a reality check.


A psychological disease that sets a relation on the path leading to its destruction.Hence an illusion.

Both the definitions contradict with each other.On one side it is a sign that a person values a relation and on the other side it is a sign that one does not trusts the relation and hence degrades the value.

The perception is quite dependent on the person facing the Insecurity, that is the object. But the solution is simple: Think of it as the first way.It will strengthen the relationship further.This is what the object can do in such cases.

But is there something that can be done from the subject side, the person who is insecure? Yes. Stop being insecure.A relation is never something that you can hold till lifetime even if it is not meant to. But if it is, no distances can weaken the bond, nevertheless, it will get strengthen with time as the significance self shows up.

The bonds not worth it will be broken and the deserving ones will shine upon throughout the life.


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