Friendship musings Way of Life

Compatibility but not the hoax

Bonds form: Some thrive, Some break, some just ‘prevail’

Life Equations change so drastically, that it propels each and everyone to contemplate inside the chasms of Life Philosophy upon the fact that ‘I am alone’

It is not all a cynical approach towards life, some of it is reality and the rest is cynicism.

The reality check: Some bonds may have broken that were once seemed to be the life long things, but did they all have the starting point as your birth? None of it except the blood relations.So why judge the current bonds , why be skeptical about the current relations just on the basis of those things ,which even if would have stayed, couldn’t be termed as ‘life long’.Maybe the starting point of the life long bonds is yet to come or maybe those are the one you are currently holding.

Here comes the point where compatibility comes into limelight. People are becoming kind of so depressed from inside, that they tend to force relations upon them. ‘You are my bestie’ , ‘We are gonna end up together’ , ‘ugh, no, not them, you are important to me’ , ‘What I am gonna do without you’ etcetera phrases are used by so many people , too early with new acquaintances that they themselves start living in the delusions of these phrases. And when these fail to prove to be true, people become cynical. And apparently the insecurity trait just goes on increasing with their life experiences and the use of these phrases goes on increasing even, and the cycle not only continues . but becomes even faster than ever.And this effects even the true bonds in adverse way.

One needs to realize that enough time needs to be given to each relation and the compatible ones will thrive and blossom automatically. You do not need to force something upon yourself. Not 100% compatibility requires , but majority is with rest to be compensated by adjustments.And then, what stays , will stay forever.The count can be less than the fingers but the trust in relationships will always be indestructible.



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