“Happiness is indeed a choice”

The Hunt for Euphoria

I once read somewhere “Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response”

I laughed at the quote.I immediately judged the person who had written this quote, “people write anything, just to make it sound good”

As the time passed, my attitude towards life changed gradually. I started taking things lightly, conducing to what I am today. I now feel as the king of my own kingdom of moods. When i mused, I felt that I am living by this quote now.I feel powerful and ebullient most of the time (yes, a trace is yet left to be erased).

Everyone can certainly achieve the same in his own ways.

Whenever, you feel trapped inside some problem, and are ready to cede your inner peace, your happiness and everything that enlivens your soul, always ask yourself a single question:”Is this the end?” or “what is the worst that can happen? Isn’t…

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