Atheism=Theism? Does Atheism exist?

Three persons were having a conversation.One person belonged to Religion A, Other to Religion B and third one was an atheist.

A: No , I don’t agree.It is also written in our holy book that it should be done my way.You are wrong.

B: Your beliefs are wrong.We follow this and this is true.

C: (thinking in his mind) Oh! These conformists! How can be someone so orthodox.I believe it should be done in my way because they are following a mass beliefs.They are stupid!

Can you figure out any difference? Particularly , there is not any.Because each and everyone was thinking that what they believe is true.That is another scenario that what they were believing is a mass belief or an individual one.But all of them had one.

So does atheism exist? or it has become another religion?

Concepts of Religion:

1) Different religions means different ways of living:- So atheists do not have a way of living, ideologies, principles ? They do they afe not atheists.

2) Different religions means believing in different Gods:- So atheists don’t follow any. so can’t they be collectively generalised into a single religion?

Go by any concept, Atheism does not exist.One does live by some rules of one’s own, hence they do follow certain way of living.

When people fight over religions now a days, atheists fight over the fact that why people follow a religion.So there is hardly any difference.

Any views will be appreciated! 🙂