Diu: A heaven still ‘untouched’

The soothing sound of water waves is preferred by many to heal and rejuvenate their innerselves time to time. Result: Overcrowded beaches.Rare are the spots which are very very well developed and still less crowded.

One of these heavens is Diu.A beautiful island surrounded by heavenly radiant and alluring coasts on the western side of Gujarat state of India-A union territory in India.A place where I have been to 5 times and still can’t get enough of it.

Besides it scenic beauty and beautiful beaches, the best part about this place is its cleanliness and less crowd. You can find so many spots with well developed infrastructure to sit and relax, away from any kind of nuisance.

Out of beaches, Nagoa beach is the most famous with different kind of water sports and recreational activities available.The beach is quite clean and well maintained by Diu Tourism.The other beaches are Ghotala Beach, Jalandhar beach and many more.I prefer Jalandhar beach whenever I want solitude.It is a quiet beach but again with well developed infrastructure.

The Naida Caves are another attraction.Though not too much in area, It is a must visit place.

The st. Paul’s church and the museum are situated side by side.The history of church goes back to 1600’s.Diu, being a Portuguese colony, has certain buildings to be admired of their architectures with St. Paul’s Church being one of them.It is one of the three churches in Diu.

Diu fort is one of the best attractions.The fort situated on the coast and is quite large.How formidable it is can be gauged from the fact that Portuguese still consider it as one of the best architectures bulit by them till now.They call it as a wonder which I can say is not at all hyped.Built in 1500’s, this fort is well maintained by the government.

Besides these main attractions there are many more places to visit in Diu.

Diu is poised to be among the best tourist destinations in India.The serenity with enchanting bazaars and beautiful and bright coloured buildings, It is a must visit place.Though small in area, the time will always fall short to enjoy it’s beauty.If I get another chance, I will try to make to it for the 6th time too for sure.


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