Silence speaks when words fail

Blabbering and responding to each and every argument, might make you think that you won the debate.But that doesn’t mean that you make the other person understand what you wanted to say.So you lose.

Silence puts a lot of weight on each and every word you say in between.And if all people having a debate go by this, debates become conducive .Other wise it is just a lot of chittering like what happens in media houses now a days.

Silence keeps other people curious, wanting them to desperately wait for your opinion.When you blabber a lot, people just ignore the important information you shared.

Silence helps conserve energy and divert the energy to a meaningful utilization.

Silence helps to understand yourself.When you just speak, you don’t hear even what your soul is saying.

Silence helps you heal.Speaking a lot is like rubbing your wound against something making it worse.

Silence helps you reach the ecstatic phase.Then even when you are speaking, your mind thinks fast and you speak qualitative.

Silence helps you learn.Silence increases listening power, that helps you learn.

Silence helps you become independent.You know how to live the solitude rather than wanting someone else to be present around you everytime.

Silence helps you understand your weaknesses.It helps in the self analysis.

Silence always wins.

Edit 1: Silence speaks in the form of words when you speak in between.If you choose to remain silent 24/7, it is nothing less than blabbering.