How one place can teach you life long lessons and change your perceptions

I have been living in a beautiful city Gandhinagar in Gujarat State of India from last 3.5 years.As I am about to leave this place this weekend, I was recollecting the memories.It is always important to keep learning something and every phase of life teaches you certain exclusive things.It is always important to carve those lessons on your mind, otherwise you are nothing but a blind person (from the mind) bumping against a wall infinite times and giving yourself wounds or deepening the earlier ones.

Also the lesson coming at mature stages of your age should serve as life long.Your life must be having some ideologies, rules and perceptions or else, you will be in a herd always following some other person/s.

This was my first job , so I feel out of my all phases of life passed, this place serves the most important place.I learnt so many things that I thought of sharing them as generic things that can happen to most of us anytime.

  • Five fingers are not equal.I had so much bad experience with certain people here that made me cynical about new acquaintances.Then I found gems, that made me learn that never be cynical.Life offers you 95% bad people but the other 5% are going to be so much worth, that they will overshadow the majority.
  • Good things are meant for you always.You try your best to achieve something, doesn’t mean that you are going to get that in the first attempt.You may face failure, or you may get something that is much better than what you aimed.We compare aims by our self decided factors but that doesn’t necessarily gives the correct result.Life had already decided the best for us.So continue the hardwork but remain happy in the present.
  • Control your anger and utilise it in a better way.Fully unleashed uncontrolled anger always leads to bad consequences.
  • Know your worth.Start respecting yourself. ‘Give respect , Get respect’ is the apt quote even when the subject is you yourself.
  • Never stay out of touch with something you love to do even if it is not primary.I still repent the days I wasted by not writing.This may never fetch some bucks for me, but the inner content cannot be described.

Though these are very commonly adviced things, learning these out of my life experiences has made these things universally true for me.I will remember these (atleast try by best) for lifetime.

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