Being strong brings moments when you are too weak

At last we are humans.We break down at some point or other in life.Be it rare or be it frequent, it happens to everyone.

If you are the one who had been strong in these kind of situations or had always acted to be strong, the exact opposite happens as you become vulnerable to anger, anxiety and loneliness. Because not just in other people’s mind but also in your mind , this is not an ideal situation This was not bound to happen at any cost.

People think that ‘he can handle himself’.Hence we become short of solace and sometimes no solace at all.Sometimes it comes late, which causes more anger.

And our mind just puts fuel to fire of neglegance and loneliness.We think that we deserved better but the truth is we ourselves have been a cause of this.We can’t blame anyone because we ourselves take it for granted that we can never break down.People can’t see inside you.They believe what we portray about ourselves.

And also the image of the ‘strong us’ gets shattered for that tenure and the situation gets worse.

*Abrupt end*