Untied Strings

She is into him as much as he is into her.She thinks that he is the best thing that has ever happened in her life.She is crazy for him.In her mind , when she thinks of him, he sounds like an ideal man.She neglects the negatives because she is exaggerating the positives.Is she doing something wrong? No, that’s how relationships endure till lifetime, thriving through all ups and downs.She can bet that this can be a perfect relationship.

He had already gone through all of this.He also knows that she is the one.

When they talk to each other, it is like they constructed their own world with no judgements, no care of other people’s judgements and no interference.One can stay happy seeing the other’s unconscious face for infinite long time.

When even they like each other’s irrigating habits, why do both not belong to each other? Because nobody ever spoke about this.Because they do not want to destroy this illusionary happy world but real happiness.Because Society doesn’t allow.Because this can effect their other relations that they can’t afford to break.Because they know they have to make a choice.

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