What goes around comes around.Really?

You keep your ears open always, and eventually you become a person who just listens.And when you speak, the ears listening to you do not remain open for indefinite time because they are not used to it.And then you feel bad.Why doesn’t the phrase work here?

And then you decide to close your ears too.Agh, such cleverness! Because you now think that you got the key to the actual meaning of the phrase.It is just the exact opposite of what it implies.And? And now you are a bad, mean selfish person. Now not just the other ears get closed, but the faces turn away from you.Now the phrase works. Hilarious.

You are trapped my friend. You are trapped.You cannot choose now. Even if being a listener was never your fault, you have to live with the consequences now.
Or you can just mould your heart into a stone, and just stop feeling bad.Accept your luck and move on.

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