(translated from original source)

One day, 9 slapped 8
8 started crying
8 asked 9, “why did you slap me”
9 said, “I am big and I can slap you”
Listening to this, 8 slapped 7
7 slapped 6
6 slapped 5
5 slapped 4
4 slapped 3
3 slapped 2
2 slapped 1
Now, whom should 1 slap, as the left one is 0
So , instead of slapping, 1, with love , made 0 sit with it.The strength of 1 became 10 now.
seeing this, 9 got fearful.

In life, even a single confidant is enough
A single person’s hand on our shoulders is enough
Far or near, distance doesn’t matter
The hunch of such relations is enough


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