A few minutes journey from the lowest of pessimism to the summit of optimism.

Sometimes I feel that I can’t do it.

Sometimes I feel that all my Strives will prove to be vain.

What if the imaginary manifestations of my hard work will remain illusions only?What will be my future then?

Now pondering upon this, I can see my dark future.My plans, my aspirations, there is no life besides that.That is the best I can have.I have no other plans.I think I am wasting my time.And not just because I know the importance of time, but also and mainly because I think that people will laugh over me.Because out of all these questions, the one that bothers me the most is :What will people say? I will be a laughing stock, because they know I have been trying for this hard for so long.And the worst part, those people are included in it too to whom I didn’t listen.Those people already tried to refrain me from going this way.

some said “it is not for you, this would be the best for you”.

some said “The challenges are too hard, the chances are too thin”

Some said “You are not made for this because of your nature and habits”

Some said “You are wasting your money”

Yes, people told me about myself.Because they know me better.

I want to cry.I want to time travel and change my decision.I want to evade those questions.

Yes, Thats me.Even I go to the lowest of pessimism.Even I get those severe headaches.When Your mind goes through all these thoughts in just few seconds, the consequences are worse, the best of those is headache.The worse are so big in number, that I can’t write that much.

But what made me win over my pessimism are just a few facts:

  1. My life is my life.It is just me who has the right to decide what is meant for me or what isn’t.Or what I want to try.
  2. I know myself better than anyone else.If I ever had thought that I can do it, there might have been some reason.I would always like to believe in myself rather than believing others.
  3. What if I get successful.The thought of never doing or trying it is more horrifying than the thought of failure.
  4. Even if I fail, I will rise.
  5. People do not deserve to even be on the bottom of the list of things I care about.

If I stop caring about people, my 80% of the life will automatically become a happy life.I take short term pledges to not give a damn about people

6. I should listen to the positive people, even if one.If I don’t, I am not caring about the people who care about me.I am a traitor then.I am giving importance of them to the people who are my enemies.That sounds wierd.Neither I believe in myself nor I believe in my close ones, but I do believe in my haters and that too when they got the reason to hate, to be jealous.Hilarious.

7.Besides the confidence that I have the capability to rise, I believe in my luck, in my god and in my life.The best for me always awaits me.The best of the current time is what I am having, and the coming time will be lucky enough again to have its best.

8.I am always learning something.Nothing that you learn , goes in vain ever.Everything Serves a purpose.

9.I will always try for what I desire.I will always.

10.I will always be happy with what I will be having.Many I times when I go through my past, I get to know that there are many things that I desired for and that proved to be disastrous.I don’t know what is best for me, I don’t know.

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