Thinking Cycle of an ‘Introvert by choice’ (Part 1)

“Where are my people, I need them..oh they are miles away”

“Nah, I don’t like everyone, just a few, but let me see where it goes”

“They just met today, how on earth they can bet on each other’s availability for lifetime”

“Fake…there..Fake..Fake…Fake…Fake…oh God! These are fake too….Fake…………….”.(Life ends)

“Ha..Ha?…No..He made a shitty joke.why are they laughing.”

“(Huming a song) ..thats my song..nahh.. others can’t understand how great it is”

“I am being too judgmental, thats wrong..(a Judgement proves to be true) …I knew that..I need to tell everyone that I was right….ohhhhh shit! Nobody never knew what I thought of (Sobs)”

“What if I am alone,that was a choice, I am selective and I am proud of that.I am loyal (A little arrogance)”

“I am suspicious about that, but lets not say that loud, because the world will find me cynical”


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