Are you depressed? 10 Reasons why you are a gem of a person!

What is depression? How do people get depressed?

Most of us have the perception that psychologically weak people go into the chasm of depression. That is partially true.

Being emotionally weak is one of the factors leading to depression, but not the only factor.

A depressed person has a quality that humanity is striving for today, that is, differentiating between right and wrong. A depressed person possesses some of the rare qualities:

1)He knows what is right and what is wrong:character/morality.

2)He knows that he faced something that is wrong or he did something that is wrong: Realization.

3)He knows how an ideal situation should be:Happiness for all.

4)He knows that how even a diminutive statement from someone can cleave someone deep inside.

5)He knows the value of giving happiness and love.

6)He knows that being with someone in the hour of need is the best deed. He knows the importance of emotional support.

7)He knows that materialistic things can’t guarantee a happy life.

8)He knows how to search for each and every chunk of courage , to fight the distress.

9)He knows how every moment effects the whole life timeline.

10)He is always empathetic.

So if you are depressed, believe me all you lack is realization that you are the best humanity can have. All you need is to muster some courage, fight those situations which in reality, the whole world is facing. And only with people like you, humanity can prosper.