When you don’t write

It is amazing that even seclusion endues you a confidant, a partner, a friend and a guardian: You, yourself. And you interact with that person and conserve those beautiful and alleviating conversations through writing.

But when you get busy, though you interact with a bunch of people, you loose the touch with yourself. The life is short. We have to analyse the nature and the inner self , that is going to be there till eternity,as much as we can in this short span of time. But ironically we are trying to explore the human made things, which are eventually going to get pulverized some day. It just not only pacifies the soul but also conduces to many unresolved answers that are otherwise beyond human reach. Humans always had this superpower, but we didn’t get hold if it because we are getting so lost, that we don’t have ample amount of time to concentrate on what is true.

So anyhow, we need to extract that time out of our daily routine to write and interact with the one who is truly ours.The time might not be enough to assay each and every blessing to the humankind, but enough to atleast appreciate what is unique with each and every individual.