A life changing musing : Evolve

Wear and try different masks from time to time.Check if you like the change.If not, try another.If yes, wear it permanently.It is perfectly Ok to be a person that you don’t want to be ethically, but still love being that self just because it bestows contentment upon you.The mask will cause irritation, you might want to get rid of it, but try to be under it.You might not accept it ethically ever, but make it a habit.

What conduces out of it:Your happiness and a guilt simultaneously.

But remember, the guilt replaces previous various guilts of not being happy, of not taking stand for yourself , of choosing the path with thorns over the path with flowers and many more.I think one guilt is better than many.

So take time, evolve continuously at every point of life.Even a company like Nokia failed because it didn’t evolve with time.