Poem Way of Life

Raw Strings

They know the truth, but it is concealed,
to the fear of losing, the friendship they have yield,
The faces become cheerful, at each other’s sight,
turning into the awkwardness, under the smile they hide,
They understand each other’s roots, that seeds the emotions,
but still take the steps, that are marked with caution,
they choose to wait, but not to try,
thinking the time will come, when the friendship will fortify,
to something they want, for something they craved,
for the beautiful destination, the path will be paved,
but the time is paradoxical, with its might unmatched,
the wait can be fruitful, but the sweetness is unlatched,
what was dreaded, has come true,
a new face comes in between, and the reluctance outgrew,
Tired of the wait and with the dearth of hope,
one face turns away, diminishing the scope,
of an alluring relation , that would have set an example,
impelling to express the feelings, with time remaining ample,
with regrets persisting, the story is over,
but leaves a lesson, in our lives to hover.

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