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Are phobias curable?

I want to talk about phobias because we limit ourselves because of the fears we find incurable and then start taking them as excuses at the moments where we can actually enjoy life to the fullest.

Phobias can be genetic or situational. But I will not get into that because we are trying to find out the solution after the phobias have occurred. From the personal experience: Yes, phobias are curable. I had Acrophobia – Phobia of heights, which has now diminished to a negligible extent, just by facing it deliberately and reducing it bit by bit.

But still, I was curious that if phobias are really curable or mine case was just a coincidence. I researched thoroughly and wanted to share with you all the gist of it so that you can stop using your phobias as an excuse for yourself. I will try to provide the information in minimalistic yet full information so that you don’t need to search on various websites.

The phobias are of two types:

  1. Simple Phobias (Specific Phobias) – Phobias from a specific object, animal, situation or activity example dogs, doctors etc.
  2. Complex Phobias – Usually in adults. More Complex. Generally of two types
  • Agoraphobia: when fear is of situations where escape might be difficult like traveling alone etc.
  • Social Phobia: Phobia of crowds or any social occasions from fear of getting embarrassed or humiliating.

How phobias can be cured? Almost all kinds of phobias are curable.

  1. Simple phobias can be cured by Self – Exposure therapy. It is basically exposure to the things that cause fear and find a way gradually to cope up with it. Then I came to know that I used self-exposure theory by myself to diminish my fear of heights
  2. Complex phobias require therapies like
  • Counseling: Counseling by specialists
  • Psychotherapy: A rather detailed treatment to find out the root cause and eliminating it
  • Medicines: I do not encourage taking medicines in coping up with anxiety. But in case the situation is too complex, consult the doctor for medicines.

All I shared is the technical information present everywhere. But I personally want to contribute to it by explaining the self-exposure theory from my personal experience so as you can take care of your simple phobias by yourself

Steps: 1) Identify the things you dread.

2) Try slowly facing it bit by bit. Do not hurry as it can lead to bad consequences.

3) Remember that there are persons out there who might be making money from                   the things you fear or might be facing these things for adventure. They can do                     that because human is capable of doing that. All you need is dig out that                                capability, otherwise you are underutilizing the body that you are gifted with.

4) Try and improve from time to time. If I am asking you not to hurry then I am also asking you to face it again and again always try to face it for a bit longer so that improvement manifests.


It’s high time that you get rid of your phobias because life is beautiful and you will loose all the opportunities to appreciate its beauty just because of those minute fears.



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