A Dare to explore within

The words to carve, the remnants to gather,
may fall short, to describe the feather,
that I hold, under the wings,
that reveals me, within the truth it brings,
the me who is known to rare,
the me who seldom glares,
But as I have decided to try,
to describe the side that I mistify,
The epitome of ambiversion, the habit of cherry picking,
still losing one or other, as the clock is ticking,
the affection from the heart, the obsession of empathizing,
still scarcity of support, the shock of realising,
the mask of silence, on the philia to piffle,
the recollection of memories, with a speck of sniffle,
Never are the days, when the memories don’t travel,
From the moment to the past, the incidences unravel,
be them beautiful, be them sad,
the fondness to live them, the feelings they had,
the knack to take stance, manifesting the loyalty,
sticking to the principles, constituting alone the royalty,
seeking the wisdom, exploring the spirituality,
but the adamancy to change, a blockade to reality,
the summit of optimism,
the chasm of cynicism,
The dare to dream,
keeping the eyes agleam,
the catastrophic emotions,
from the wide range of notions,
the fear of none, but the fear of god,
preventing to go astray, from the fear of iron rod
the more I am trying , the more I realize,
A lot is still hidden, even from my eyes,
Still I tried,
to reveal all,
that is mystified.