A paradox : Blogging encourages and discourages at the same time

When I started blogging , I thought it would be a paved path and I just have to be patient at keep moving.

But it certainly isn’t. As I continued blogging, the hard fact that I came to know that it isn’t just the quality of your writing, that keeps on adding others to your journey. Its the marketing. It was a hard thing to grasp as I never like to market. I started somedays before by sending mails for the very first time but it came out to be the last time as well.

I am not saying that one shouldn’t do that but what I want to say is that it isn’t everyone cup of tea. A open platform should be there for equal opportunities for everyone which I know is never going to be there on any platform. That is how this works.

But yes, it discourages at times. You put a lot of effort in writing something, and it just can’t reach people even for negative feedbacks.

But there are certainly things that encourages me:

1)”I love to read your blogs” , “I wait for them”, “You talk the reality” etc. praises. Even though less, those heartfelt praises are just beautiful.

2)The view: likes ratio. When likes are in good number relative to number of views, it instills in you the perseverance to move on. You get to know people generally like if they get to read your blogs.

I was never here for fame. I certainly don’t want even now. But one can’t deny the fact that the reach encourages you to keep making a lot of effort.

Well, I am not even near to surrender. I will keep continuing to write with full enthusiasm: for me, for the ones who love to read by blogs and for my personal improvement.