The feedback loop – A predominant cycle in daily life that we rarely realize

The Hunt for Euphoria

I read a book wherein I read about a concept called ‘The Feedback Loop’. I thought it might be a scientific concept related to psychology, so I got enthralled by it. As I continued reading it, I realized it I already knew it. In fact, many of us undergo this cycle but never realize the importance of it.

So what does it say?It explains how the output of our attitude and our state of mind, in turn, becomes the input and sums up the output again.

In simple words:Let’s say when we are anxious, and we become aware of the fact that we are anxious, the awareness becomes the anxiety and adds to the earlier one. The cycle continues and worsens up our state of mind.

Why is it important?It implies that we ourselves are the cause of our distress.

Rather than fighting against it…

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