Drops of water on an arid land

The ashes are left,
the soul is burnt,
the emotions are burked,
the memories aren’t,
the tides of trifling,
have washed away the cheeriness,
the proneness to hold,
has lost the wiriness,
the shadow has gained,
it’s due importance,
it acts like a friend,
always being the supportance,
the dynamics of the human,
to turn towards the new,
faded the purport of loyalty,
to stick to a few,
still have the people,
to hold the hands,
love them to the core,
even to no man’s land,
not with the downbeat,
but with a touch of wry,
committed to not to pass the unjust to them,
the best I will try,
to keep the emotions alive,
just for them,
who are still there,
but not for with mayhem.