How unnecessary empathy can backfire

For animals, on one side where the world is becoming a tough place to live and survive, paradoxically, on the other hand,  the empathy for them is growing. We often can see videos wherein people try to help animals as animals are considered innocent. Their aggressive nature is just a reflex action, that is necessary for them to survive in the food chain. Other than that, they are innocent. One thing that every one of us must have observed in those videos is that when we try to help them, they do not understand the same and hence tend to attack the helper. That happens again because of their reflex action. But people still help them, set them free and the business is done. Hence there is no harm continuing the same.

But when the same happens among humans, that causes soaring of relations, misunderstandings, and unnecessary altercations  & conflicts. Before going to the part where relations are formed on the later stages in life, let us consider the blood relations where also these kind of conflicts are prevalent nowadays. When a family member tries to pry into the other’s life out of care and compassion, conflicts arise in the name of independence. But still, due to default unconditionality in a family love, the cycle of care and the following misunderstandings goes on and on.

The essence of the above that I want to project is that people misconstrue the caring and protective attitude of the wellwishers, and shockingly, conflicts arise instead of relations thriving, in an ideal scenario.

When all of it comes to other relations, a lot worse happens. Some people are too empathetic when it comes to their close ones. They try to help them, instead of being a mute spectator. But in the due course, out of the unnecessary empathy, an unjustified interference happens or is mistook to have happened. The other person gets offended and the strings weaken.

What goes wrong when intentions are good?

  • The perception and the mistrust encapsulate all the good things. 
  • The dynamic human nature (kind of greedy) to develop an instantaneous affection for the other people make them blind towards all the efforts of their closed ones.
  • The censorious nature itself makes them feel the other person (the wellwisher) too critical of everything and everyone (the irony).
  • The cloak of independence (which is not independence, but ego and overconfidence) that everyone wants to wear out of the fashion pervading by word of mouth and immaturity.

So, being effervescent empathetic usually backfires nowadays. People first empathize and when it backfires and with time when it exceeds the threshold of their one side patience, they become the opposite. But why to do so when a solution already exists. Be prudish with what you say, how you say and the level of your sayings. Consider everyone enough matured. Curtail your empathy to the point where it causes no harm. Be available to help in case of outcomes you fear for the others, but do not try to prevent those outcomes to such an extent, that your help is rejected even when required.