My Dream Life

The life of which I dream is not just a delusion,

of all the possible things, it’s a fusion,

a lush green place, enchanted with the sound of flowing water,

composed of a big or small, but an owned shelter,

a job that may bring joy or despair,

all that matters is that it should spare,

enough time to spend with the family,

with a money earned in large or scantily,

With a greed of a little more time,

so that I can write another rhyme,

to pursue my passion, to avoid any repent,

to take it to a level, where it can even pay any rent,

all of this, to be a part of a world,

that unfurls all the good things twirled,

at least no more hunger, no scarcity of fresh water,

Reduced pollution and a beautiful weather,

no more corruption, no more wars,

a world wherein people can travel with ease, even in cars,

to cherish and learn the cultures, of which others are proud,

shattering the hate for anything, with nothing to shroud,

A good healthcare, that adorns my dream,

with the inevitable diseases, being crushed like whipped cream,

right to study, where is a mandated law,

so that children can help this beautiful world, get rid of any flaw,

to carry forward my dream to a place,

where it is no longer a dream, but a case,

With a strong urge, I again repeat,

this is not impossible, but a retreat,

for all of us to conquer, what all is distasteful,

to shatter it to the core, to bring out the beautiful.













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