‘The New One Minute Manager ‘ : A book vital for effective management

Written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, The new One Minute Manager is one of the most simplistic, easy to understand, consolidated and yet a powerful read under the genre of Leadership books. The book itself is not a large read, so I will give a minimalistic review so that it can intrigue you to read the book. I always believe that the essence and the original impact of a book can’t be encapsulated in a review.

I have read around 3-4 books under this genre. By far, this is a book that I would recommend to all of you, irrespective of what sector you are in. This books gives these 3 basic mantras to be an effective manager :

  1. The one minute goal setting
  2. The one minute praising
  3. The one minute reprimand

The book revolves around these 3 mantras only. But with a story mode explaining these 3 mantras in an efficient way, the books is fun to read even if you are a fiction reader. Also, the beautiful examples cited in the book are too powerful. It also criticizes the ordinary regular inefficient ways of a manger in general so that you refrain from those. I want to brief on the story part too, but it is so consolidated in the book itself that I don’t want to ruin the readers’ experience.

This was all about the book. The sole reason I recommended it as a must read for all is that, according to me, the 3 mantras are applicable in daily life too. These can help manipulate (in a good way) any person to be self-motivated, self-critical, efficient, mature and an effective leader for each and every task he takes on. Give it a read and leave your reviews in the comments.