What to do when you are scared

Living the life fully is kind of impossible now a days as the goals we set in each phase of life put ahead certain challenges that we continue to think of each second, consciously or subconsciously. In other words, we are constantly scared, it is a different matter how long that time lasts before we overcome the fear. I can’t even recall the last time I wasn’t thinking of the future anyhow, while enjoying any other moment.

The Goals may not be just the career goals, it can be major checkpoints that are definitely passed with time like graduation, marriage, kids etc. Whatever the reasons are, it has become inevitable for the heart to ignore the burden. And then come various ways that one can browse on internet for overcoming the stress like long breathing or deviating mind by getting engrossed in other activities.

But the major challenge is to sublimate the fear while keeping it in mind and that too, for a long time rather than just for the time being. I, from my own experience, would like to elaborate certain chronological steps that can be performed to kick off the neurons that can help you be less fearful (a little fear is always good) at any moment in life.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing alone in any calm background. Envisage the whole scene and slowly try to live that picture.
  2. Now imagine you closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in that calm environment.
  3. Imagine all the good spirits around you, be it god, your family members, your friends or anyone else.. beholding your hands, caressing your head. You got a lot a people who care for you and who are always around you in all kind of situations.
  4. Remember the fear and all the worst outcomes that can result (You can write down all of those before performing the step one and take a look at it once)
  5. Evaluate each outcome. Alleviate the consequences of each outcome. Think of the fact that those consequences doesn’t mean the life end. Think of the good spirits supporting you in each outcome that can happen. Think of all the opportunities that are going to come later. Think of all the worst things that could have come along with the goals you you aspired to achieve.
  6. I bet nothing is too strong to ruin your life forever. Pros and Cons are two sides of a coin – Inseparable.
  7. Imagine yourself smiling. You smile while imagining the smile on your face. Such a beautiful moment.
  8. Imbibe this moment consciously in your mind – all the factors you evaluated, the consequences, the worst outcomes, how all of these matters the least and all the opportunities and good things.
  9. slowly breath in and out and with a smile, open your eyes in the imagination.
  10. Now, seeing that happy face of yours, open your eyes. You must be smiling and relaxed by now
  11. If it fails, try to perform it again and again, until you succeed.