When you are torn apart by some people, others keep you moving

Ditching, selfish, insecure and fake people easily become our hobby horse. They dig a permanent chasm in our mind in which they get seated deep into. This makes us cynical of the people. It happens to me too a lot. But lately I have realised that if we are smiling even a single time a day, there is always someone behind it. That means, not all fingers are equal.

Bitching about those hobby horses was once a psychological disease, which became so contagious that now, it has become so much prevalent in the world, that we have accepted it as a part of our ‘human nature’. We tend to talk about bad people, belittling the place of the good people that they deserve.

I too become totally cynical at one point of time. But as I tried to cherry pick once, I found though a few (too rare) people, but enough. Due to them, I have been able to realise my importance and learnt how to take stand for myself in front of poeple who are good on face, but are totally fake and exploit to the fullest. I would really like to thank them for the changes that I was able to inculcate within me which would have been otherwise impossible to do.
Purpose of this is to keep everyone of you optimistic about the good people that are in your life. All you need is to differentiate, treat the person individually on the basis of the place he deserves. Get rid of the rotten pieces and preserve the ones that keep your life tasteful and fragranced.