Way of Life

A reality check : Conspiracy of the heart, the brain and the luck to keep the soul empathetic.

Why my brain and heart do not listen to me. I am tired of asking them to be a little less thoughtful. Why are they so energetic, especially when I am physically tired. What is this conspiracy.

I turn towards my luck. I request it to cover up for mistakes of my brain and heart. I ask it to keep my acquaintances as sensitive as I am, as thoughtful as I am.

Luck gives a sly smile and makes that happen. I become happy. Luck plays along and continues to fulfill my this wish for long. But suddenly, it shows me the reality. I curse it like anything. I don’t know how we became enemies. It must be a long before. But this Cycle of love and hate between me and my luck just goes on and on.

Then I realise my luck is not alone. There must be some accomplice. I realise, it is the brain. It doesn’t remember that how luck leaves me devastated frequently. So the police turns out to be one of the thieves.

They all hate me for some reason I don’t know. I don’t want to know the reason. I just want them to like me.

I want to be a little less thoughtful. I want to be a little less empathetic. I want to be emotionally dead. Or else, I want everyone to be like me. But that never happens.

I am missing something. I have to be less complaining for the latter part, that is wishing that everyone becomes like me. I am diseased. I am different. Then it must means, that I am diseased. Everyone else is normal.

How should I cure myself. There must be a way. I should find it. There must be some hint that I am missing. I might lose a lot, but I will win what is mine: my heart, brain and luck. I want them to be mine. I want them to think just about myself. I will find a way and will let the world know so that there lefts nobody like me. I will make that happen.


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