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Affection bewilders – Why relations are short termed now

Affection bewilders. It overpowers the mind. Initially, it lures by showing a phantom, comprising a beautiful future with someone and then pushing onto that road, it leaves you stranded at a square with multiple roads to choose from.

Where does those multiple roads take one to? Why so many roads? When the path was beautiful till now along with lush green beauty with a beautiful picture already envisioned, from where this bewilderment came into picture?

Those multiple roads take to the following:

1) One to the conscience where the doubt starts surfacing if the affection was deceiving. There is no such destination.

2) One where the affection distributes itself to some other destination and a mandatory choice emerges. Short term affections are dangerous.

3) One obviously to the same destination but now the destination is obvious with just a little difference. Where everything seemed lustrous, a little rust is evident now.

4) One where affection gets belittled and a choice appears to move back to the starting point and make a choice again.

Relations don’t survive when people choose 1, 2 and 4.

The affection might be deceiving, but if the destination is always there, continue on the same path. A little rust is inevitable, rather, it is a truth of life. Think of the rust as a texture that adds to the beauty of relations rather than the thing that depreciates it.

There is always a self sacrifice involved. More than a natural instinct for it, it is a choice : of a principal which is a way of an ideal life.

As it is rightly said, “There is something wrong with your character, if opportunity controls your loyalty”.


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