Inferiority Complex

Disclaimer: Don’t ever search on this topic unnecessarily over the internet. Not exaggerating, but there is hardly anything positive that you can find about it over the internet. Whatever I am going to write, is courtesy of a book that I found luckily ( of which I am going to write a review in upcoming blogs) amalgamated with a little research and my own thoughts.

How do I define Inferiority Complex: It is conscience of each individual that deliberates that he is not perfect and there is a scope of improvement.

How this conscience turns into a complex: When those individuals start taking it too seriously and make it a matter of survival.

A myth: Inferiority complex is found in introverts only. It is one of the biggest misconceptions that I have heard of.


Inferiority complex is something that was never there in historic times. There were times when society used to accept individuality as the ideal character. But slowly, selling started becoming an art. Companies started selling products by quoting that “you are not perfect, but our products can make you perfect”. Salesmanship started growing.

Now, who can be a great salesman? One thinks of a great salesman as an extrovert person with great looks (decided by the society itself), who knows how to talk, who does not have a stage fear and who does not dreads putting out himself in the spotlight. He is definitely not timid and shy.

Where did this perception lead to? It led the society to a culture of personality. It led to the creation of an absolute ideal self, of which people are obsessed now. People want to be that ideal self, they ask their children too to be that ideal self. The benchmark they set has led to the emerging of inferiority complex. They believe that they are not perfect and that is not acceptable at all. They are not likable personalities.

People are now obsessed with status, income, and self-esteem. What traits were common are now considered as a disease. We can see various so-called best seller books that have made it to the successful market that teach people how to win people, how to make them like you and there are also multiple programs that ‘encourages’ people to get rid of their ‘unacceptable’ traits and become what the world wants them to become.

It is pretty much evident now that something is wrong with the society. I can go into enough detail to prove this with shreds of evidence from the history itself but that would be too much to write upon. I welcome anyone to have a personal conversation with me if someone wants to deep dive into it.

We can conclude that either everyone should  have an inferiority complex (no one is perfect in this world) or no one should have an inferiority complex (everyone is perfect in their own way)

Try to have a laugh when people expect you to be someone you aren’t. Don’t try to be a part of the wall by being the same shaped brick but be a souvenir by carving yourself into something unique. It takes a lot of effort to do that, but keep in mind that it is how the world was intended to be. There is not something wrong with you, but with the society. I will come up with multiple blogs to write a review of the book that I am reading and also the learnings that I think are absolutely necessary to share.