Hideous ways to promote blogs

From the past 5 days, I am seeing posts on a facebook page, featuring ways to promote blogs.

It is obviously a good thing to promote blogs, but some of the ways seemed hideous to me. People are selling domains and FB pages that already have some reach.

The passion for writing inside me, suffered a hit after seeing all of this. I understand that it is a right of each and everyone to promote what they have produced by their hard work. But isn’t the audience something, that should connect with you? what is the benefit of connecting with people, who don’t have any relevance to what you write or who are just in some kind of gross business?

I mean, how does that give satisfaction? When even a single person praises my writings, I get that the person is speaking from his heart and the feeling is so beautiful. You strive to influence people with your writings and that is what should be the motto instead of just getting a reach.

I am not belittling someone’s talent. Those people who do these kind of things, might write way better than me, it is just that I feel that the ultimate goal is wrong. Earning comes automatically with the satisfaction of the audience. Both are inseparable.

These were just my personal views. Any kind of views are most welcome.