Friendship Love

The soul or the body : Sense vs charm

The soul and the body crave,
but for what?
one to please the vision,
the other to complete, to complement,
close the eyes, the vision breaks,
change the subject,
the vision might get pleased again,
but the complementary part is unique,
or in a lesser exaggerated way, rare,
that can complete the puzzle, the oneself.

Vision can change,
we are the sole deciders,
to call something beautiful and something ugly,
we make, we break, our decisions bounce,
like a crazy ball,
and then, there are millions of crazy balls,
each holding one and bouncing against floor,
and none at the same point on the floor,
so vision is relative.

but the sense is absolute,
it can be made with just one case,
else it breaks.
The meaning emerges,
with the correct piece of the puzzle,
complementing the existing piece,
but it might not be pleasing to the eyes,
but it fits.

And when you get the meaning,
it soothes and pleases too.
but the vice versa, never happens.


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