Friendship Love

When he met her…

The days passed,
he was no longer distressed,
he emerged out strong,
as no one caressed.

But there was a trade-off,
that took place unknowingly,
with all the weakness,
The soul faded flowingly.

He no longer felt,
any kind of emotions,
The good transformed into bad,
in everyone’s notions.

But a day happened,
that disrupted the flow,
she came into the picture,
thereafter he never felt low.

He intuited with amazement,
a spark of familiarity,
the introversion faded,
He initiated the conversation,
to his nature polarity.

In a little time,
They became friends,
the fuzziness of trust,
in his life, ends.

They talk like anything,
without any hesitation,
he found out his due importance,
of which she laid the foundation.

He got to know,
the place he deserved,
in the world of heedless,
that gulped his reserves.

He now has again
started to trust,
on the people who deserve,
not the ones with rust.

She came as an angel,
who transformed a dispirited,
into something he was,
again he inherited


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