Way of Life

Defense Mechanisms against emotional oscillation while dissociating

Who doesn’t love to fall back with closed eyes when there are hands with cushioned calluses, ready to caress.
Who doesn’t want to walk with eyes closed, imagining the most beautiful place one have ever dreamed of, when there are hands to show the path while one continues to dream.

Comfort zones are such beautiful combination of place, people, job and many more things. One thing changes, the combination disarrays, with a fear of stumbling.

People react differently to these changes in hilarious yet necessary ways to alleviate the pain of dissociating from any of the factors. While some people love to express, others choose to curtail themselves from doing that due to the fear of getting mocked, the fear of indifferent reaction that could result in shattering of expectations, the fear of the other person getting unstable too or the fear of deepening the chasm of overthinking that might result in emotional weakness out of the publically displayed dependency.

Discussion a few, the first one would be people avoiding conversations in the last moments, deviating their attention to avoid the presence of self explanatory facial expressions. But most of the times, this fails and people dig their own grave by inviting the thing they are running from – the abrupt change in facial expressions.

The other would be people running away from the loved ones after dissociation to lessen the importance of the bonds in their mind. Some people tend to avoid talking, while other choose to try to find negatives of the person to achieve the same.

There are also some People to incline towards a different direction to find new people to alleviate the pain.

But isn’t this injustice to the loved ones. The people who made sure that you don’t fall, get hurt, maybe temporarily, because of this. There can be better ways like finding a task that had been pending since long and working upon that or by just expressing what you feel. It might bound to happen numerous or sometimes infinite number of times, but atleast you are true to those who deserve. What even if any of the consequences stated above emerge, atleast it makes you acquainted with the reality, deceived under the self fomed delusions.


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